Great Copy

Why Content Strategy Doesn’t Suck

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Putting Copy in the Greasy Hands of the People

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Have Dick Joke, Will Travel

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World Cup-onomics

Proving that even the world’s premier sporting event can be geeked up by number-crunching pencil-pushers, The World Cup and Economics 2010.Read More

Capturing Attention Across State Lines

Have you seen the ‘Kidnapped Chicagoan’ ads on the L lately? Believe me, man, you do not want to get involved…Read More

You Seem a Bit Lost…

Never seen the hit series, “Lost”? Neither has this guy. Follow his hilarious escapades trying to figure out what the @#%& is going on in the final season.Read More

The Write Stuff

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Love in the Age of Copywriting

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Thoughts for the Throne

With today’s 24/7 news cycle, it’s hard to get away from the minutia of every day life. Now interrupting the last refuge of private time… the Toilet Paper!Read More

Welcome to the Future!

Welcome to the future! Revisit the 1972 children’s book, “2010: Living in the Future” and see just how much has come true…Read More