Great Shots

Marketing walkabout

Finally, a simple way to realize guerilla marketing without spending a month filling out paperwork at city hall. Plus, full body suits.Read More

Up High, Down Low, Too F***ing Slow

There’s no better way to celebrate those rare ‘booyeah’ moments in life than with a classic high five. With ‘High F***ing Five,’ those moments happen every f***ing day.Read More


If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can get rid of the extra 998 with these kick ass captions emblazoned on popular news images. Caption writers rejoice, your day has finally come.Read More

American Appalling or American Appealing?

American Apparel’s raunchy new advertising: American Appealing or American Appalling? What do you say…Read More

For the Love of Bob, a Ball and a Blog

The Selvedge Yard shows how the weave the perfect story online…Read More

War (hmph, good god) What is it Good for?

Popeye would surely dump Olive Oyl after seeing these pinups shots…Read More