2009 November

Best of the Bad Buzz – Halls

Why Halls thinks snotty noses sells product. Best of the worst advertising.Read More

Buy Your Own Beer Company!

Every dream of owning your own beer company? Well, wake up to the fresh, hoppy reality…Read More

Welcome to the Neon Jungle

Alien-like growths have sprouted up in the loop. So why are locals so cheery about it?Read More

War (hmph, good god) What is it Good for?

Popeye would surely dump Olive Oyl after seeing these pinups shots…Read More

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, Mo’ Staches

Movember, turning an otherwise lousy month into a celebration of masculinity…Read More

Never Let Kiera Knightley Go

Kiera Knightley may be the one bringing in the money at the box office (and with it, the dirty ol’ men cult following) for the upcoming film version of Kazo Ishiguro’s futuristic suspense novel, Never Let Me Go, but her name … Read More

Quit Your Day Job, Jack

Legendary marketer Seth Godin says of 37Signals’ new book, REWORK, “This book will make you uncomfortable. Depending on what you do all day, it might make you extremely uncomfortable.” Let’s get uncomfortable…Read More

Putting Face to Paper

Ever wish you could write that senior thesis with the same gravitas of a well-groomed neckbeard? Now you can, thanks to the Beard Font…Read More

How to Write Good and Do Other Things Good Too

From writing in the complete dark to taking a shower to overcome writer’s block, the WSJ discovers some of the most bizarre writing techniques used by contemporary writers.Read More