2009 November

Become the Next Urinal Messi…

ESPN has figured out a great way to combine two of man’s greatest pastimes: soccer and peeing…Read More

What the Wild Things Watch

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about what is deemed “appropriate” for children to watch in theaters lately. This has been a popular topic since movies were invented, but recently the talk isn’t about how to protect children from … Read More

2,000 Miles, 2 Creative Minds, 1 Damn Cool Looking Style

Meet the works of Jolby – a creative duo with a backstory nearly as cool as their designs. Here’s the cocktail napkin version: after meeting in design school in San Diego, these two design-minded guys went their separate ways; Josh … Read More

Can Quirky Help you Queate your Million Dollar Idea?

Quirky helps you turn your queative ideas into quold hard quash. Enough with the Qs? Cheque it our for yourself…Read More

Scrambled Eggers

All things great: a new Dave Eggers novel; it being picked up as a film option; and the proceeds going to help rebuild NOLA. Greatness incarnate.Read More

Damn Right Your Dad Would Like this Ad

Score another point for self-aware brands everywhere. The latest Canadian Club campaign takes a definitively reflective tone with its kitschy, dead-on “Damn Right Your Dad Drank It” concept by EnergyBBDO. Vintage sepia-toned images and sharp copy make us say, “Damn … Read More