2010 May

A Banner Ad by Any Other Name Would Suck as Much…

What NOT to do if you are making your living in online advertising…Read More

Nike Soccer: Now with the Ability to See into the Future!*

Just on time and just on point, the latest Nike soccer commercial launched as the frenzy of the World Cup is reaching a breaking point. Read More

World Cup-onomics

Proving that even the world’s premier sporting event can be geeked up by number-crunching pencil-pushers, The World Cup and Economics 2010.Read More


Just look how far the internet has come… and just how addicted we are. :)Read More

A Celebration of Chicago Suds

As a wise man once pronounced, “beer… the solution to and cause of all of life’s problems.” Find out what this ancient sage meant at Chicago Craft Beer Week 2010…Read More

Hell Is Just an Extended Job Interview

What’s the worst job interview you’ve ever had? Guaranteed it can’t compare to these disasters…Read More

You AutoComplete Me…

Ever wonder if “we will poop in heaven”? Google knows, of course…Read More

An Elephant Never… What’s that Word Again?

Forget Mother’s Day once again? Never miss an important day the classy way with the new Forgetful Gentleman correspondence set. What was I saying again?Read More

Capturing Attention Across State Lines

Have you seen the ‘Kidnapped Chicagoan’ ads on the L lately? Believe me, man, you do not want to get involved…Read More

Burger Boudior

White Castle scented candles? What you cringe…Read More