2010 July

Mm, mm, mm… Furry.

Quizno’s continues their legendary TV campaigns of using things that you’d never want anywhere near your sandwich to, well, advertise their sandwiches.Read More

Have Dick Joke, Will Travel

This copywriter won a coveted job from one of the nation’s leading agencies just by posting a penis joke on Twitter…Read More

Hello, Most Premium Commercial

Most premium funny commercial, I has it…Read More

The Sound of Style

Made Craft is combining the 21st Century with the 20th with their drippingly cool device, the iVictrola. Gangsta Rap has never looked so stylish…Read More

America’s Newest Frontier

Levi’s continues their new hauntingly beautiful “Go Forth” campaign with a spot that launched July 4th, set in the economically deprived town of Braddock, PA.Read More

The Spice is Back

Old Spice’s break out commercial campaign from Wieden + Wieden, featuring bare-chested manly man, Isaiah Mustafa, is back – although this time sans horse.Read More