2010 October

Freaky Fast = Friggin’ Funny

Ya wanna mess with the beast from the far east?! Ken Jeong aka Slim Chin takes on the NBA’s best for Adidas.Read More

Sound Off or Shut Up?

One, two, three, four… these awkward commercials have something in store.Read More

It’s Gold, Jerry, Gold!

Got the inside scoop on some hilarious new spots featuring the immutable Mr. T. Enjoy.Read More

It Burns So Good

You’ve changed quite a bit in the eight years it has taken to age Jim Beam’s Black Label Bourbon. Savor the memories… and then burn them.Read More

Still the Ocho

ESPN ads are still the one for a good laugh…Read More

Putting Copy in the Greasy Hands of the People

Think you got what it takes to come up with the next great tagline? Mickey D’s is giving you the chance… kinda.Read More