November 17, 2009

How to Write Good and Do Other Things Good Too

Hemingway could only write standing at the kitchen table. Thoreau had to expunge society to boil down the essence of his essays. Writers are infamous for using bizarre, illogical, even down-right crazy techniques to put pen to paper.

Wall Street Journal, how to write, writing techniques

Hmmm... maybe, "A G-r-e-a-t N-o-v-e-l"

The Wall Street Journal did a piece last week on some of the odd writing techniques used by prolific contemporary offers.

From writing in the dark at 4am like Nicholson Baker (I’ve met this guy in person – definitely an odd number) to taking a shower to alleviate writer’s block, these real life techniques may not be the Muse that every writer needs to get the story out, but they sure have provided us with great writing over the years.

As for me, I’ll stick to the Raymond Chandler technique: drink about a dozen gin & tonics and smoke a Virginia hectare’s worth of Lucky Strikes before passing out in a seedy Los Angeles motel.

Shakespeare, eat your heart out.

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