November 19, 2009

Quit Your Day Job, Jack


rework book

Can't. I never really did much in the first place.

There’s buzz building around the new book, REWORK, by 37Signals founder Jason Fried, due to hit stands in early March.

In fact, there’s enough buzz to make omnipresent super-marketer/deep-thinker/bald-guy Seth Godin say of it, “This book will make you uncomfortable. Depending on what you do all day, it might make you extremely uncomfortable.”

Brought to you by the guys that created the hit web-based project manager Basecamp (and similarly web 2.0-ish apps), I can only gather the book is designed to let us simple people in on the rule-bending philosophy that Fried and company have used to help revolutionize how design and business is getting done.


rework book

I knew to stay away from that dirty ASAP.

Whatever the content – and I’m sure it’s going to be great advice on par with Godin’s own works – the design of the cover is intriguing enough to get us to pre-order it at Amazon.

The bold disestablishment maxims on the back cover – rather than the usually self-serving blurbs and author bios – set the stage for what I hope will be a thought provoking “FU” to the way things are currently done.

We’ll stay tuned to see if the words inside are just as bold in spirit as the ones on the cover.


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