November 20, 2009

Never Let Kiera Knightley Go

Kiera Knightley may be the one bringing in the money at the box office (and with it, the dirty ol’ men cult following) for the upcoming film version of Kazo Ishiguro’s futuristic suspense novel,¬†Never Let Me Go, but her name may be overshadowing a more important one that didn’t make it on the marquee.

Never Let Me Go novel

Face Meets Typewriter

Tapped to come out from behind the desk and write the screenplay was Alex Garland, author of The Beach, among other works. This is by no means Garland’s first shot at screenwriting (he did the screenplay for 28 Days Later and Sunshine), but it will be interesting to see how Garland works with director Mark Romanek to recreate Ishiguro’s understated, tender style.

No doubt the issue becomes even more interesting due to the wild liberties that Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge took with Garland’s own work while creating the film version of the Beach. A cult hit despite being a commercial flop, many blamed Boyle and Co. for dismembering the true power of the novel’s eerily addicting prose.

But after all, what good are movies if they don’t completely negate your favorite books? Either way you slice it, the film version of Never Let Me Go will be a resounding success if they manage to capture even a portion of Ishiguru’s emotion – sometimes touching, sometimes¬†unsettling. And with Garland on board, I for one am going to be in the theater.

Plus, watching Kiera Knightley on screen for 90 minutes won’t be too bad either.

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