November 23, 2009

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, Mo’ Staches

November – traditionally, a depressing month of soggy weather, obnoxious holiday music and curiously shrinking waistbands. That is, until the good people at Canadian Club took it upon themselves to amend this dreadful month, giving us: Movember.


movember, canadian club

Movember, brought to you by the mustache rollercoaster.


Movember is a celebration of nearly everything wonderful in life: namely, CC Manhattans, ridiculous mustaches and the fight against prostate cancer (had they thrown in bacon-wrapped lobster tails served by scantily clad Playboy bunnies, I think this one would have been complete).

You too can join the fight for men’s health (not the magazine, you maroon) by donating mo’ money, attending one of the monthly events or participating in a mustache growing contest, which is similar to a charity run, but you get to let your facial hair do the work (for once).

movember, canadian club

Hey... I can't see.


As if that weren’t enough to tie your Fu Manchu in a knot, you can also check out the intriguingly titled “The Lab” to see photos of famous mustachioed men, watch videos and learn the history of the most stylish of upper lip warmers.

Just leave it up to the geniuses from up north to keep us calling for mo’.

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