November 25, 2009

Buy Your Own Beer Company!

The economic recession has hurt a lot of once-proud companies, including the hipster-approved Pabst Brewing Company (funny, I was doing my part to keep it afloat). The bear market has forced its hand on the company, which has put the brand (along with 24 other dive bar standouts) up for sale for a cool 300 million clams.


This round's on me...

Leave it up to a few quick-thinking, swill-drinking fellas to turn this watershed event into a golden opportunity.

Using proven crowdsourcing methods, the friends put together a campaign to raise the required scratch by asking the beer-guzzling community to pitch in their slush money to buy the company.

For as little as $5 you can buy your share of the enterprise and own a piece of frothy, delicious Americana. Hell, that’s less than a drink at a bar. Unless, of course, you’re drinking Pabst. Then it’s a hefty portion of your weekly suds funds.



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