December 1, 2009

For the Love of Bob, a Ball and a Blog

Ever stumble across an intriguing thought, only to pull it back like a dangling piece of wallpaper only to unveil the unseen complexity that lies behind? With that Kantian mind-bender behind us, I give you: the Selvedge Yard.

Put up yer posts...

Through TSY, blogger and brand man, Jon Patrick, offers a diamond in the digital rough. By taking classic cultural images (read: the requisite freshman dorm room posters) and giving them the depth and context rarely found on the web, TSY combines the best of the digital age with the style of the ages.

The stories are good – unabashedly subjective, smart, crisp and rhythmic. With a focus on classic motorcycles, masculine pop culture, movies and music, the blog is kind of like Maxim’s cool, foul-mouthed, tattooed grandfather.

One Love, Two Feet

I stumbled across the blog by poking around for old photos of Bob Marley for a post I wanted to do on Bob and his love of footy. Turns out, JP beat me to the punch.

It’s not how my story would have gone, but that’s the beauty of a good blog like this: it’s well thought out and subjective, taking the reader down a road that only the author has traveled. After all, you don’t hire a tour guide to show you around your living room. Blogs – good blogs – are meant to show you something new, or at least something old in a new light.

All in all, the images are classic. The copy is clever. And the stories paint a much more vivid picture on the usual pop culture suspects than you’ll find on the Mohave-like Wikipedia. But the true lesson that TSY offers is how to take a thought and use the power of the web to weave your own unique thread.

Well done. Or as Bob would say, “Irie stuff, man.”


  1. GrammarNazi

    Comma splice alert: I believe you meant to write “Blogs… are meant to show you something new, or at least something old in a new light.” As it is, you appear to be saying that blogs should show something new in a new light.

  2. GrammarNazi

    thanks i, try

  3. Eli

    Thanks for the shout out on the Marley piece. I am honored.

    TSY Contributing Editor Eli M. Getson

    Write your own, I would love to see your sping on it.


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