December 3, 2009

You’re Just My Type

You know when you’re working on that manuscript for a post-Apocalyptic sequel to The Great Gatsby and you just don’t think the scene where Nick and the Neon Space Monkey are drinking in the Coco Bongo Club has the same gravity when written in Times New Roman?

Well – lucky for you, Pointdexter – now there’s a solution to that age-old problem.

Introducing a couple of awesomely authentic online font houses that are pushing out some great Art Deco and other unique typefaces.

Font Bros. are typin’ it straight old school with classic fonts re-imagined. Choose your word weapon by era (like Art Deco 1910-1935) or by style (handwritten, graffiti, etc.) and get a whole slew of cool types to choose from.

They even have a tasty collection of original icons and symbols, because we all know a dingbat is worth a thousand words.

If you’re more of a Mad Men junky, Font Diner may just be the ticket. These guys are serving up retro style typefaces that reflect classic pop culture signage, like the Motel King and the Chicken Basket.

Not to be outdone on the jazz-age front, they have a couple nice Art Deco fonts too – the Emblem Chief seems blow in on billowing steam and stainless steel. Either way you slice it, Mac, these fonts are more than Bee’s Knees approved. And you never know, they might just help you figure out that pesky anachronism when Humphrey Bogart meets the the primordial blob in Chapter Six.



  2. cj

    Can you provide the name and foundry for the second pictured font? (Text reads Croquette etc). I can’t find it on either site mentioned. Thank you!

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