May 28, 2010

A Banner Ad by Any Other Name Would Suck as Much…

So I stumbled across this banner ad, obviously a “unique” advertisement for Philadelphia tourism. Interesting, because I just so happened to talk about an ad campaign for St. Louis tourism that was particularly unique not more than a week ago… let’s compare, shall we?

Now, granted, it’s not too bad of a banner in itself. In fact, I was intrigued enough (does it help that I write ads for a living?) to click through, naturally expecting to find a payoff for the question posed. Not only could I not even click through (literally. no action occurred on click), but after I actually typed in the URL (which 99.999992% of your audience will NOT do – even if their lives were in jeopardy), there was no pay off, no acknowledgement that I followed the ad, hell, not even ONE mention of the ad at all.

Now, the site is nice, sure (I’m not going to link to it, for that would just help these lazy fools out by increasing site hits)… but there’s a very basic understanding between advertisers and all us poor slobs: if you come upon that very rare formula that gets us to take interest with your ad versus one of the other 300 or so we see every hour, DO SOMETHING WITH IT! Phew. Okee.

So there’s really no point in comparing this ad to the well executed, well defined and well differentiated one for St. Louis. I guess let’s just chalk this up to a weekly bitch-out session on what not to do with your audience’s very very very (99.99992%) limited attention.

Plus, I didn’t really want to go to Philly anyway.


  1. Not to mention, who’s going to vacation in Philly when the Blackhawks are poised to tax dat ass?

  2. Hiya – I appreciate your comments about our “With Love letter” about the Flyers. We actually do take great care that our online ads do click through to meaningful pages on our site,

    However, this “love letter” about the Flyers is not an ad – there’s no ad buy behind it. When the Flyers got a chance at the Stanley Cup (yay!) we got creative and made these promotions. They live as jpgs on our social media sites –, and more.

    You can check out our advertising at

    Thanks again for taking note!

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