October 4, 2010

Putting Copy in the Greasy Hands of the People

Want to get your big break in advertising? Like stuffing 1/3 of a pound of processed beef into your maw? Well you and Mickey D’s are a match made in heaven.

That’s right, the burger baron is letting its customers’ creativity shine by accepting two-word, 20-character slogans for the new 1/3-pounder which will be displayed on programmable billboards across this great land of ours. Each winning tagline will get a glorious 10 seconds to wow the passing motorists.

And with brilliant tags like, “Love It” and “Mouth Watering” in the works, this is sure to be a bellwether event for the advertising industry.

The good people of Kansas City already got their shot on September 24th… now it’s yours. Two words: om nom.