October 12, 2010

It Burns So Good

Hey, you. Put down that cocktail for a second and listen. And not just because it’s 10am on a Tuesday.

Have you ever stopped to think just how much has happened since that bourbon you’re quaffing (it’s a word; look it up) was first destined to encourage bad decisions?

Well, luckily for you, someone did. Jim Beam’s ‘Beamfire’ campaign highlights the space that has been lost in the 8 years that it takes to age its Black Label bourbon.

With some funny one-liners and a social media microsite where you can throw the ‘old you’ into a virtual fire, it’s getting pretty interesting.

So pour yourself another couple fingers, log on and check out the fireworks.

I’d highly recommend not trying to take this bonfire thing offline, however. Eight years is good for whiskey, but spending that amount of time in the pokey ain’t gonna age you quite as well.

Although with that amount of time to dabble, I’m sure the toilet gin you concoct might be just delightful.