December 7, 2010

Everything’s Better with Bacon

Here’s to your biggest fan – the one who stands by you through good times and bad, smart moves and sour, the bright lights and the dark alleys. Your biggest fan might be your mother, your 4.5 lb. Chihuahua, Daisy, or that cute blonde that lives down the street (okee, it’s your mom). But for classic B-lister, Kevin Bacon, his biggest fan is clear: it’s Kevin Bacon.

At least according to this hilarious new LogiTech (yeah, LogiTech) spot. And you don’t need six degrees of separation to chow down on this ¬†Bacon on Bacon action. After all, it’s not the first time that Bacon is actually a ham… and it probably won’t be the last.



  1. This is funny, I read the title and thought it was going to be a post about actual bacon. :) haha

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