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A taste of some of the latest out of home advertising from this year’s Oktoberfest. Prost!Read More

Yo, Flo

Some topics are taboo for primetime advertising, exciled to the back pages of teen magazines or bar bathrooms. But who says that has to be so? Hello, Flo.Read More

Marketing walkabout

Finally, a simple way to realize guerilla marketing without spending a month filling out paperwork at city hall. Plus, full body suits.Read More

Taste the Manhood

Harken back to the golden days of ’70s beer commercials — now with 90% less calories and 900% more manliness.Read More

Tasteful Spots, Tasty Shots

Jameson reinforces its historic brand image with just enough of a shot of humor to laugh at itself as well. Mm, shots.Read More

The One That Got Away

Axe takes a brand detour — sorta — in this hauntingly clever spot.Read More

More Positively Awesome PSAs

PSAs can be some of the most boring advertising out there. Or they can be like this.Read More

Advertise Fire with Fire

Sometimes the simplest ads are the best.Read More

Fonts for the Masses

Know your type, know your price. Good advice for the world at large and when searching for some of the damn coolest fonts on the web.Read More