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Who Knew the Recession Could be So Sexy?

Puma puts a new twist on the global slow down by creating the only stock ticker that catches my eye. As the index plummets, their models take their close off. As the market rises, the close come back on. As … Read More

Speedy Delivery – Communication Gets Old School

In these days of Tweets, txts, pics and pokes, it’s easy to forget that communication is all about style. Thanks to the officials at the Bureau of Communication, classic telegrams have found a breath of new life in an increasingly … Read More

Ork Posters – ‘Cuz Every City Needs a Little Style

After drooling over these unique posters for months, I was able to visit the Ravenswood Art Walk (RAW) this past weekend and visit the Ork studios for myself. Check out these one-of-a-kinders for yourself. Bee’s Knees Approved!

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