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Hey, there, I’m Evan — writer, reader, Jambalaya eater.
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Writer at large

Writer at large

Evan Thoreau Heigert is a Creative Director and writer who has plied his trade for newspapers and magazines, online startups and some of the world’s most acclaimed ad agencies. He’s made his way from Chicago to Boston to Munich, Germany and right back to his beloved Windy City once again. 

Today he leads a creative team in developing high-impact content and integrated campaigns for international clients including HP, Samsung, Abbott, Otis Elevators and more. Past clients include Sears, Kmart, Lands’ End, Adidas, MINI, BMW, Roche and Enova Financial, among many others.

His loves include hardboiled crime novels, Cajun food and dirty Southside blues. He approves this message.

When he steps back from the ad game, he loves travelling and writing about said travels. Check out his travelogue, Dispatch and Destination.

To contact Evan, email him at or pick your poison:

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