Adidas FC Bayern manifesto

A rousing manifesto film helped Adidas introduce the legendary FC Bayern Munich brand to a new generation of fans.

The task: Adidas Football sponsors hundreds of professional clubs around the world. But only a handful do they consider their “legendary clubs.” Bayern Munich is one of them — and as the most successful team in Germany, it was vital that they activated the new kits and gear for the 2016 season that would connect with a new generation and global audience. The first step? Convince the brass at FC Bayern with an audacious manifesto film that would help sell in the upcoming campaign.
The idea: FC Bayern’s unofficial mantra, penned by generations of fans, is “Mia san mia,” which roughly translates from the Bavarian dialect as “We are who we are.” We needed to capture that self-confident zeitgeist along with the legacy of success for which Bayern is known and a forward-facing vision for a daring, digital and global future. The film and complementary campaign creative helped sell the leaders of Bayern Munich on this bold new face of the brand partnership.