Bosch RTS product launch

Bosch RTS needed to shake up the pro audio industry with a campaign as extraordinary as the technology they delivered. Time to change the game.

The task: RTS, a sub-brand of Bosch, has enabled the pro audio industry for over 40 years with innovative intercommunication systems. On the eve of their 40th anniversary, the brand was ready to release a game-changer in the industry: a key panel family that simplified and connected pro audio environments with the power of digital IP technology. Now they needed to get the word out.
The idea: We looked at both the heritage of the RTS brand and the innovation of the new technology and decided this dichotomy didn’t have to be at odds. With such innovative technology about to hit the market at the same time as RTS’s epic milestone, we needed an equally dynamic and disruptive creative campaign.

The execution: The result was a complete refresh of the RTS brand. By combining rich textures and a classical-inspired logo, we delivered a nod to the brand’s heritage. Yet, at the same time we used bold messaging and colors inspired by the key panels themselves to give the campaign a sharp, modern feel.

From this idea, we developed an integrated campaign across the web, industry events, print ads and a powerful launch video to celebrate the past 40 years of RTS ingenuity — and look forward to the next 40 years of innovation that will shape the industry.