HP Z1 Workstation launch

Only a truly creative campaign could sell HP's new powerful and sleek all-in-one professional workstation. See how we brought it to life.

The task: HP is known for developing the most powerful and expandable range of professional workstation computers in the market, yet continually lags behind in brand recognition to competitors like Apple with substandard performance, but flashier aesthetics. With the all-in-one HP Z1, they finally had a sleek, cable-less model that could compete — and needed to promote it to professionals in the design, engineering and other high-computing industries.
The idea: To do so, we created a campaign direction that highlighted not only the HP Z1’s sleek profile, but also reinforced the performance, customization and innovation that allows creative professionals bring their ideas to life. Using equally sleek product photography and 3D imagery, we showed literally how this powerful tool turns inspiration into reality, based on key messaging that tied into HP’s “Always ON” brand promise.

The execution: Based on this eye-catching creative concept, we developed a wide range of materials to pitch the HP Z1 to creative professionals — including direct mail, out of home advertising, print ads and sales enablement materials. Wherever possible, we showed the innovative design in action, such as direct mail pieces that folded out like the back of the workstation to show the benefits that lie within — as well as the possibilities that come out of such a powerful design tool.