MINI Clubman Press Launch

When a brand known for quirky fun needs to create buzz around it's functional new ride, it's time to get creative.

The task: MINI was releasing the new Clubman class cruiser, the perfect balance between the sporty fun that MINI is known for and the size and comfort of a crossover SUV. This was MINI’s biggest launch in years and the brand needed to make a big splash in the European market with an exclusive press release in Sweden that would spark media coverage across the industry.
The idea: More than a presser, we wanted to create an experience for the press core that would be invited to this iconic Scandinavian city. So we started with a creative idea that used the backdrop of clean, sophisticated Swedish design as a palette to showcase the bold, young, dynamic MINI brand. The juxtaposition worked perfectly, showcasing the claim “FUN FOLLOWS FUNCTION”.

The execution: The quirky, MINI-esque messaging and tongue n’ cheek design was rolled out across all materials, from welcome and marketing material to arriving press core, to the environmental design of the press conference location to the driving experience that allowed attendees to put the fun and function of the new Clubman to the test. A unique experience for an extraordinarily unique ride.