NetApp rebranding pitch

Turning the IT industry's scrappy startup into the data storage leader through a bold new rebranding campaign.

The task: NetApp was at a crossroads: they wanted to keep their entrepreneurial spirit, but after 15 years in the market, they needed to play with the big boys as well. So they went through a rebranding exercise that tested how they could keep their “soul” while still showcasing how they are delivering enterprise level solutions to the world.
The idea: Our pitch proposal focused on a key insight: data is not important for its own sake; it’s vital to do all the incredible things that today’s business leaders are passionate about. So we developed a simple, but eye catching campaign that showcased the reasons smart data storage enables dynamic businesses to do what they do best.

The execution: The idea was for NetApp to flex its strong partnerships with current customers, bringing these bold stories of success to life through a multi-channel campaign targeted at progressive business leaders. From classic OOH to clever social activations to regionally customize microsites that allowed our data lovers to talk about how smart data storage enables them to do incredible things.