NetApp Tap de France Facebook game

NetApp needed to activate and excite its customers in the run up to the Tour de France. So we used Facebook to challenge the audience with a simple social game.

The task: NetApp sponsors a professional cycling team in Europe. For the first time ever, Team NetApp was in invited to race in the sport’s most prestigious event: the Tour de France. NetApp wanted to find a way to promote the team while engaging and exciting its customers and fans.
The idea: We took to social media to spread the word of Team NetApp’s epic race. But more than just posting content, we wanted NetApp’s audience to join in along every leg of the race. Introducing Tap de France: where every NetApp fan could try to tap their way to the top of the leader board.

The execution: This Facebook game challenged social media followers to take on five stages of their own race. The game was simple: just tap the space bar to help your racer pedal his racing bike. The faster users tapped, the faster their rider went — as long as you could balance speed and endurance. Between each stage of the race, players were able to answer trivia questions to earn perks such as bonus energy — and allow us to share information about NetApp solutions.

We cross promoted the game on social media, through email communication and print material sent to existing customers. The game was simple, but the success was wide spread — bringing thousands of impressions, new leads from online players and even an offline version that was a hit at industry events. Not bad for an idea that needed just a single finger.