Norton Newphoria campaign

That moment you get your hands on that amazing new device, everything seems to melt away. See how we shared the importance of protecting that new toy with this clever and visually unique campaign.

The task: Norton security software helps internet users around the world protect the stuff that matters. One of the most important times to think about digital security is the point when you get your hands on that new device you’ve been dreaming about. Norton wanted to increase the sales of its consumer software and get people thinking about security even when they’re distracted by those shiny new devices.
The idea: Building off Norton’s worldwide concept, we developed a campaign based around the idea of Newphoria: the moment when you open that box and everything else disappears. With Norton security, you can protect that lovely new device and keep your Newphoria feeling lasting longer. Clever copy and hilarious, eye-catching visuals helped us catch the attention of wide-eyed digital users.

The execution: To do so, we developed an integrated campaign that followed the habits and lifecycles of both online and offline shoppers, helping them cut through the haze of Newphoria and select the Norton products that kept their devices secure, protected and looking good-as-new. It was also important to put this powerful protection into the hands of Norton’s resellers and help them share that Newphoria feeling with their customers. Oh, what a feeling — and oh, what a campaign.