Otis Elevators global rebrand

Redefining the 160-year old brand that invented the urban world.

The task: Over 160 years ago, Elisha Otis invented the safety elevator—and with that single invention, sent the modern world reaching toward the sky. In the century and a half that followed, competitors arrived, the industry became commoditized and that once bold brand fell into the ‘sea of sameness’—everyone looked and sounded the same. Otis needed to reinvigorate the audacious brand on which the company was founded.
The idea: In order to stand out in this crowded and commoditized field, Otis needed to claim a unique but authentic brand position. Unlike the biggest competitors, we pushed Otis to move away from marketing that relied on specs and stats—and instead focus on the customers, riders and employees that Otis moves every day. And most of all, this brand had to be bold, ownable and structured enough to enable their teams in 200 countries.

The execution: At the heart of this brand transformation was the creation of a fresh, audacious visual identity that at once helped Otis stand out from this ‘sea of sameness’. Based on this dynamic new brand, we created a ton of exciting new marketing activities, everything from corporate identity to OOH advertising, launch videos to social media, sales enablement to VIP events. To inspire and activate the global marketing teams, we created a brand microsite that put the tools of the rebrand in their hands. Visit it at