Roche FLOW System microsite

See how we used an interactive website design to deliver an intuitive digital 'test drive' for Roche's most innovative research tool.

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The task: The speed of contagious outbreaks, introduction of new pathogens and cost of standardized research solutions means that many worldwide biomedical laboratories are often forced to develop testing methods in-house. This ad hoc process is imperfect, open to human error and highly inconsistent from lab to lab. With the introduction of the innovative FLOW System, Roche was making these processes more automated, standardized and safer. Now we just needed to share this powerful tool with the research community.
The idea: Literally the first of its kind in the market, we needed to not only explain how this innovative system is shaping the industry, but also the real benefits it gives to a cutting-edge research institution, including increased speed, automation and reduced error. By implementing multimedia components such as testimonial videos, animated infographics and interactive product deep-dives, we aimed to deliver an intuitive digital “test drive” that potential customers could access right from their laboratory or office.

The execution: To share the unique story and benefits, we decided to create an interactive parallax-designed microsite that allowed visitors to explore the individual components of the tool, watch testimonial videos and understand key benefits for their laboratory. Built responsively, the microsite also served as an intuitive sales tool for face-to-face meetings for the Roche sales team. The result was a simple, but interactive way to share the FLOW System with a world of interested customers.

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