Roche LightCycler 96 launch

Check out this integrated campaign created to increase the visibility and brand preference for the newest Roche research tool.

The task: Roche Applied Science is a leading manufacturer of life science research equipment worldwide. The brand wanted to retake its leadership in the market with the launch of a new gene expression solution that performed high-output research at a fraction of the price.

To make a splash in the market, they needed to do something different with their advertising. Something that connected with our target audience on a more human level.

The idea: Whoever said that life science advertising has to be so sterile? With the innovative Roche LightCycler 96, in fact these lab professionals gain the capabilities that turn them into a research superhero.

With this simple idea we developed a creative concept based around striking visuals and the key message, “Super capabilities are now within your reach.”

The execution: With the concept in mind, we completed a series of photo and video shootings to bring it to life. Using these materials and a direct, exciting tone to the copy, we created an integrated campaign, including a microsite, online videos, print ads and collateral, event materials and more. In the end, the campaign was one of the most successful product launches for Roche, selling more than 620 products worldwide throughout the campaign. Truly super stuff.