SwissRe consumer activation

One of Europe's biggest reinsurers needed a smarter way to sell consumers something they didn't even want to think about -- insurance.

The task: Swiss Re is a leading insurer in Europe looking to increase sales by white labeling their insurance products under consumer-facing brands. The company was hoping to make daunting insurance products more interesting for younger or low income customers. To win the business, we developed an emotional and simple campaign message and style—then showed how we could bring the campaign to life for the target persona through simple customer journeys. 
The idea: Here’s the hard part: no one likes thinking about insurance—but especially younger or lower income audiences with less disposable income. So the idea was to lower the barrier of entry as much as possible (by partnering and promoting the products in retails spaces) and making the purchase more worthwhile (by partnering with a leading rewards program, in this case Nectar). Simply rewarding insurance: the easy and rewarding way to do the right thing.

The execution: We helped SwissRe focus on a few simple offerings and use consumer insights to target audiences based on the product that would most fit their lifestyle—and in the places they already shop. From online retargeting and social content for younger people to partnerships in leading grocery and hardware big box stores for families. The creative execution was intended to reduce the jargon and stigma of insurance and talk to the life stages of these new customers. The result was an authentic and powerful way to usher in a whole new market share for SwissRe—and help protect under-served Europeans along the way. Simple.