Navigation pitch

What could .com, the world's most trusted domain, mean for growing small businesses? Three little letters, a world of possibilities.

The task: Verisign Inc. is the behind-the-scenes force that has kept the web’s most important domains running for over a decade and a half. As the provider for .com, .net, .tv and several of the internet’s key name servers, millions of online users rely on Verisign every day without realizing it. Now they needed to increase the sales of the world’s most trusted domain, .com, prior to the release of a wide range of new top level domains that would flood the market.
The idea: Most large enterprises have already locked down their unique .com domain. But there are tens of thousands of small office/home office (SOHO) businesses that are looking for smart ways to start up or take their offering online every year. But how can they create an online presence that gives them the most opportunity for growth? We set out to show these dynamic businesses how three little letters could open up a world of possibilities.

The execution: With this pitch, we showed how a multi-channel, integrated campaign could connect with small business owners to highlight how they can turn their passion into a viable online business. Everything was built around real customer stories that created proof positive that the right start to any business ends in .com.