funny advertising

Yo, Flo

Some topics are taboo for primetime advertising, exciled to the back pages of teen magazines or bar bathrooms. But who says that has to be so? Hello, Flo.Read More

More Positively Awesome PSAs

PSAs can be some of the most boring advertising out there. Or they can be like this.Read More

Zombies a Good Candy Commercial Make

Isn’t it ironic? No, not really. And it’s not really a contradiction either. But it sure is damn funny.Read More

Dino – It’s What’s for Dinner

Sometimes advertisers need to look to the past to figure out what to do in the future. But 100 million years in the past? DDB Berlin thought so.Read More

Back to the Future

What would the world have looked like, had we had today’s technology 50 years earlier? Who cares–but this is what the advertising would look like!Read More