funny commercials

Yo, Flo

Some topics are taboo for primetime advertising, exciled to the back pages of teen magazines or bar bathrooms. But who says that has to be so? Hello, Flo.Read More

Advertise Fire with Fire

Sometimes the simplest ads are the best.Read More

Google Gets Geeked

Google is turning the real world virtual, but its advertising uses the tangible to explain the intangible. Confused? Just press play.Read More

Dreaming of Next Year

A perfect example of what advertising can — and should — do: just tell a great story.Read More

Bad Buzz — Lean Pocket, Heavy on the Ham

Lean Pockets gives the timeless story of Heidi and meaty-filled goodness. Huh? You read right.Read More

Zombies a Good Candy Commercial Make

Isn’t it ironic? No, not really. And it’s not really a contradiction either. But it sure is damn funny.Read More

How Do You Take Your Coffee Commercials?

Coffee: giving artists, college students and cops a buzz for centuries. And, thanks to this campaign, now it comes with extra creepy! Ahhh…Read More

Morning Brew Pt. Deux

Ooooh noo! Jimmy Dean strikes again with some – ahem – very special super heroes. Slow motion cut to blog!Read More

Everything’s Better with Bacon

When is Bacon actually Ham? When Kevin Bacon plays his own biggest fan. Mmm… that’s tasty. Read More